Newsletter 01/2013

date: 07 November 2013

Dear MARRIAGE partners,

The first two years of intensive project work bear fruit. After a period of rather preparatory and ground setting work we are very happy to now present you the first MARRIAGE newsletter. In it you will find the results that have been developed so far in the project regions which are located along the southern coastline of the Baltic Sea.

We have processed the provided information towards our main target groups and will focus on:

MARRIAGE for marina operators / developers:

  • Knowledge transfer through workshops on better marina management
  • Marina network development and consolidation

MARRIAGE for boaters:

  • Promotion of the “South Coast Baltic” as attractive boating area

MARRIAGE project:

  • Latest news about the project activities, events and partners

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Please enjoy reading! With best wishes.

Rolf Kammann

(Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern/ Lead beneficiary of the MARRIAGE project)


  • South Coast Baltic Leaflets – available in LT, RU, PL, DE, EN versions


MARRIAGE handbook on efficient and profitable marina operation finalised

One of the main targets and topics of the MARRIAGE project is to increase the efficiency and profitability of marina operation in Poland and Lithuania. The approach is thereby to organise trainings for the regional marina operators and responsible persons in the municipalities and train them on the most important aspects of marina operation. The main source of knowledge for this is the “MARRIAGE handbook on efficient and profitable marina operation” [...more].

MARRIAGE study on marina operating models finalised

Finding the right scope and form of public and private involvement into marina development and operation is one of the main topics within MARRIAGE. The experiences won within the project so far have been further elaborated from PLANCO Consulting GmbH. The case studies and recommendations for local authorities aim in supporting and guiding the public sector / municipal decision makers to find the most suitable level and form of how to possibly involve the private sector into the planning, construction or operation of a marina [...more].

Practical seminars in Klaipėda, Kołobrzeg and Gdańsk as “kick-off” for regional trainings on marina operation

Within the scope of the MARRIAGE project trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation are implemented in Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie (both PL) and Klaipėda region (LT). Practical seminars in all three regions have initiated the trainings that will be continued during off-season 2013 / 14  [...more].

Klaipėda region – Trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation

Upcoming seminars / events:

  • On 09 and 10 December 2013 the next workshop / seminar will be organised in Klaipėda.
  • Participating marina operators will be invited to a study trip to German marinas in summer 2014 to deepen the gathered knowledge.
  • [...more]

Zachodniopomorskie – Trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation

Upcoming seminars / events:

  • On 19 November 2013 the next training seminar on efficient marina operation in will be organised in Szczecin. The focus will thereby be laid on the “Szlak Żeglarski” project as well as on details on marina service provision and marketing aspects.
  • [...more]

Pomorskie – Trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation

Upcoming seminars / events:

  • During off-season 2013 / 14 further workshops and seminars on efficient and profitable marina operation will be organised in Pomorskie. Besides the optimisation of marina service provision and marina marketing tools also the development of the “Pętla Żuławska” marinas will then be a main focus.
  • [...more]


"South Coast Baltic" - Where boating adventure beginns

The newly developed brand South Coast Baltic with its claim “Where boating adventure begins” is an “interface” and “add-on” to connect and lift up existing local (e.g. cities, marinas) and regional boating destinations. Thereby it avoids any outshining and competition to existing brands and promotion strategies. South Coast Baltic provides the possibility to promote coast-parallel tours and cross-border links on top of well-established brands without losing their strengths and core competences [...more].

Information and guidance for the "South Coast Baltic" campaign

The “South Coast Baltic – brand manual” summarises all relevant information for the use of the brand. It contains a brand profile, basic ideas, key messages, user groups and the communication tools and channels (e.g. leaflet, slide show, fair visits or fam trips) that have and will be established. The provided brand manual ensures a consistent use of the brand and enables the user groups to easily understand and make use of “South Coast Baltic” for own purposes and benefits [...more].

“South Coast Baltic” leaflets available in five languages

The “South Coast Baltic” leaflet has been produced in English as well as the national languages of the region: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and German. It displays a map of the region with an exemplary boating trip from Klaipeda westwards to Rügen. Diary entries and experiences made on several spots during the trip illustrate the claim “where boating adventure begins”. As addition the brochure provides information about the five participating regions Vorpommern, Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie, Kaliningrad and Klaipeda region [...more].

“South Coast Baltic” Slide Show finalised

The slide show as joint product of the boating brand “South Coast Baltic” has been finalised in cooperation with the Polish graphic designers from “Jamel”. The slide show can be examined online on YouTube [...more].

“South Coast Baltic” Fam Trip series - International journalists visit Vorpommern

It was the first event of the “South Coast Baltic” fam trip series that will be continued in the Polish regions Zachodniopomorskie and Pomorskie and in Lithuanian Klaipeda region in summer 2014. During the fam trip series the “South Coast Baltic” regions and its (part-) destination will be presented to international boating journalists as attractive and cross-border boating area [...more].

Joint “South Coast Baltic” fair booth presented on “Hanseboot” in Hamburg

From 26 October to 3 November 2013 about 80.000 visitors came to the 54th International Boat Show in Hamburg, which is the largest boat show for northern European waters, to catch up on information about “sailing”, “motor boats”, “trend sports” or “boating destinations” [...more].


Project leaflet available in national language versions

The MARRIAGE project leaflets are now available also in a Lithuanian, Polish and German version. The leaflet includes basic information about the project background, its aims and the involved partners. The national language versions allow a more direct communication with the two main MARRIAGE target groups “boaters” and “marinas” [...more].

MARRIAGE partnership enlarged

From 1 January 2013 two new partners (ZMiGM and Tourist Board Stralsund) joined the MARRIAGE project [...more].

3rd MARRIAGE all-partner meeting held in Gdańsk

On 5 June the MARRIAGE partners met in the Conference Centre next to the National Sailing Centre in Gdańsk. Focus of the meeting was on joint promotion activities and marina operating models [...more].


Joint “South Coast Baltic” fair visits:

MARRIAGE trainings / workshops on efficient and profitable marina operation:

Klaipėda region:

  • 16.-17.12:Workshop in Klaipėda.
  • Further information on the regional trainings in Klaipėda region can be found >here.


  • 19.11.13: Workshop in Szczecin.
  • Further information on the regional trainings in Zachodniopomorskie can be found >here.


  • Further information on the regional trainings in Pomorskie can be found >here.