Marina Network Consolidation Toolbox

The MARRIAGE Marina Network Consolidation Toolbox presents materials that should help marina owners / developers to overcome current obstacles for marina development and network consolidation. It contains baseline studies, conclusion from regional pilot measures and workshop documentations from the MARRIAGE project.

Baseline studies:

  • MARRIAGE study on "Marina operating models - Public and private cooperation in marina planning, construction and operation" (English version, Polish version)

Reports & conclusions from the MARRIAGE pilot actions:

Reports & presentations from MARRIAGE exchange workshops & study trips:

  • Presentations (Peter Fürst & Katrin Fischbeck, Till Jaich) from the workshop "Public-Private-Partnerships for development, operation and management of marinas" in Klaipeda / LT on 4 Sept 2012
  • Report from the study trip & exchange workshop on "Small guest-only boater stops / Wasserwanderrastplätze in Vorpommern / DE" on 18 Sept 2012.
  • Report from the workshop on "Marina network development in PPP" in Sopot / Poland on 4 June 2013.
  • Presentations from the Workshop "New impulses for marina infrastructure development & network densification" in Szczecin / PL on 6 Nov 2014.