Results for Boaters

Boaters (residents as well as guests), who are the end users of marinas and boating areas. Hence they are a main target group of the MARRIAGE project.

The brand SOUTH COAST BALTIC has been established in order to promote the southern coastline of the Baltic Sea as “mosaic” of interesting and attractive boating destinations that create new tour opportunities. The promotion activities towards boaters aim in popularising coast-parallel and cross border boating trips. The campaign uses “umbrella” marketing activities that add up on the existing regional marketing as well as activities that are implemented rather on regional level. A compilation of the marketing activities, materials and measures can be found below.

South Coast Baltic Magazine:

South Coast Baltic leaflet:

South Coast Baltic campaign - further elements:

  • Joint South Coast Baltic Fair Booth presenting the brand and the partner regions on boating fairs in Germany and Poland as well as on other boating related events in the region (more information on this topic can be found in >news section)
  • Further South Coast Baltic promotion activities like the series of Journalist Trips and the “South Coast Baltic Boating Rally / Gdansk - Kaliningrad - Klaipeda” lead to broad media coverage (more information on this topic can be found in the >press review and in the >news section)
  • A detailed description all marketing activities can also be found in the South Coast Baltic Brand Manual

Series of multiligual boating brochures:

Regional water tourism strategies:

Regular updates on all South Coast Baltic marketing activities can be found in the >news section respectively the >press review.

Boaters also benefit indirectly from other activities that are implemented within the scope of the MARRIAGE project. This includes the efforts related to an >increased marina quality and >closed network gaps.