Results for Marina Operators, Owners & Developers

Marina operators (decision makers / managers as well as operational staff) are one of the main target groups of the MARRIAGE project. They are directly addressed by regional trainings that help them to enhance their skills and enable more profitable operations with better customer satisfaction.

The trainings (information on dates and locations can be found in the >news section) are developed and implemented on basis of the "MARRIAGE Handbook on efficient and profitable marina operation". It is available in four languages:

Marina operators also benefit from the South Coast Baltic marketing campaign and the related activities (for details see section “results for boaters”):

Furthermore marina owners and developers (e.g. political decision makers at local level) are supplied with new approaches and materials like e.g. the MARRIAGE >Study on marina operating models that can help to overcome current obstacles for marina development and network consolidation.

Please find further studies and materials the section MARRIAGE Marina Network Consolidation Toolbox.