Friday, 19.06.2015 00:00 Age: 4 Jahre

MARRIAGE project presented as best practice at the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2015

At the invitation of te Priority Area Coordinator for Tourism of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, MARRIAGE was introduced as best practice example for martime cross-border tourism initiatives to the participants of the VI. EUSBSR Annual Forum in Jurmala / LV on 15 June 2015. The presentation took place in the framwork of the workshop "Maritime & coastal tourism in the BSR", along with lectures by the Euopean Commission on the EU maritime policy and by Monika Griefahn (AIDA Cruises), who presented the EUSBSR Flagship Project on sustainable shore excursion. The session was attended by  a circle of more than 50 interested people from all over the Baltic Sea Region.

In the run up for the event, the Lead Beneficiary Rolf Kammann met with the PAC Tourism, Gerd Lange (Ministry of Economics, Construction and Tourism Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) to review the results of MARRIAGE, which application was supported by the PAC Tourism. Gerd Lange stressed that the project is a valuable contribution to the strategy, and its results are very much appreciated. The PAC welcomed the ambition to continue the joint promotion of the South Coast Baltic and ensured his further support for it.