Monday, 18.05.2015 00:00 Age: 4 Jahre

Further boating media present & recommend the South Coast Baltic

The South Coast Baltic became even more visible in renowned boating media during the last months. For the first time, the Sejlerens Marina Guide presents marinas from Poland, Lithuania and Kaliningrad / Russia in its 2015 edition, which was published in May 2015 with a circulation of 35.000 copies. 20 marinas descriptions in the popular format of the guidebook give boaters essential information for planning tours along the South Coast Baltic. Further articles add news from the region and information on touristic highlights. Altogether, the South Coast Baltic is presented on 20 pages.

Growing attention for the South Coast Baltic can also be observed in further boating media. Following an article on the Westpomeranian Sailing route in August 2014, the magazine “Segeln” recommends in its June 2015 edition to sail further eastwards to explore, for example, Gdańsk Bay, Klaipeda or Kaliningrad. Recommendations to visit the region have also further increased at popular online platforms, which boaters use for exchange (e.g. “segeln-forum”).

Please find a collection of articles & links in the Press review.