Monday, 14.10.2013 10:04 Age: 7 Jahre
Category: Pomorskie

Pomorskie – Trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation

Target group for the “MARRIAGE trainings” in Pomorskie are marina operators and municipal representatives who want to learn how to make the operation of marinas more efficient and profitable. Initialising event in Pomorskie was the practical seminar that was held on 10 October 2013 in the National Sailing Centre Gdańsk Gorki (further information on the practical seminar can be found >here). Prior the practical seminar also the “MARRIAGE workshop on chances and prospects of public and private involvement” that was held on 04 June 2013 in Sopot provided relevant information for the target group (further information on this workshop can be found >here).

Upcoming seminars / events:

  • During off-season 2013 / 14 further workshops and seminars on efficient and profitable marina operation will be organised in Pomorskie. Besides the optimisation of marina service provision and marina marketing tools also the development of the “Pętla Żuławska” marinas will then be a main focus.

Further information on the trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation in Pomorskie can be obtained from the responsible persons / project partners:

  • Rafał Galiński from the Association of Sea Cities and Municipalities / ZMiGM (MARRIAGE project partner) who is the regional training coordinator.
  • Marcin Forkiewicz who is the trainer in Pomorskie and responsible for the implementation of the trainings. Also he represents the MARRIAGE project partner Gdańsk University of Technology.

Materials that will be used for preparing the workshops / seminars in Pomorskie: