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Category: Zachodniopomorskie

Zachodniopomorskie – Trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation

Target group for the “MARRIAGE trainings” in Zachodniopomorskie are marina operators and municipal representatives who want to learn how to make the operation of marinas more efficient and profitable. The first and initialising event in Zachodniopomorskie was the practical seminar that was held on 08 October 2013 in Marina Kołobrzeg (further information on the practical seminar can be found >here).

Upcoming seminars / events:

  • On 19 November 2013 the next training seminar on efficient marina operation in will be organised in Szczecin. The focus will thereby be laid on the “Szlak Żeglarski” project as well as on details on marina service provision and marketing aspects.

Further information on the trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation in Zachodniopomorskie can be obtained from the responsible persons / project partners:

  • Ewa Madaj from the Marshal’s Office of Zachodniopomorskie (MARRIAGE project partner) who is the regional training coordinator.
  • Sebastian Wypych who is the trainer in Zachodniopomorskie and responsible for the implementation of the trainings.

Materials that will be used for preparing the workshops / seminars in Zachodniopomorskie: