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Trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation

Practical seminars in Klaipėda, Kołobrzeg and Gdańsk as “kick-off” for regional trainings

Within the scope of the MARRIAGE project trainings on efficient and profitable marina operation are implemented in Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie (both PL) and Klaipėda region (LT). Practical seminars in all three regions have initiated the trainings that will be continued during off-season 2013 / 14.

The practical seminars have been led by PLANCO Consulting GmbH in cooperation with the German marina operators / experts Hans and Till Jaich (company “im-jaich”). The regionally responsible trainers and training coordinators supported the implementation of the practical seminars.

Idea of the practical seminars (“marina testing visits”) was to go through the services of an example marina in detail by shifting to customers’ perspective. This was done by slipping into the role of resident and guest boaters and by simulating the usual interactions the boaters have with the marina operator / staff. For guest boaters this implements i.a. the single steps and interactions that are made during the visit (usually within one day) from entering the marina with the boat, paying harbor dues, using services in the marina to leaving the marina again. For resident boaters the interaction covers all aspects that occur during the whole boating season / year.

By jointly going through and discussing the single steps of the service provision on the spot, together with the local marina operator and the other participants (marina operators and municipal decision makers from the respective region), the German marina experts could share their experience and give valuable and very concrete input, advice and ideas on practical details that help to make the operation of a marina more efficient and profitable.

The structure that has been followed during the practical seminars (Service Blueprint) and also the communicated information and advices can be found in the MARRIAGEHandbook for efficient and profitable marina operation” which is the base material for the regional trainings. Further information on the handbook can be found >here.

The marinas that have been visited / tested during the practical seminars on profitable and efficient were:

  • On 18 September 2013 the Old Castle Harbour Klaipėda (impressions can be found in the picture gallery). Information on how the trainings will be continued in Klaipėda region can be found > here.
  • On 08 October 2013 Marina Kołobrzeg (impressions can be found in the picture gallery). Information on how the trainings will be continued in Zachodniopomorskie can be found >here.
  • On 10 October 2013 the National Sailing Centre Gdańsk Gorki (impressions can be found in the picture gallery). Information on how the trainings will be continued in Pomorskie can be found >here.