Wednesday, 30.07.2014

South Coast Baltic Boating Rally leads international group of sailors to Gdańsk, Kaliningrad and Klaipėda

In July 2014, 12 boats with 40 sailors from Germany, Poland and Lithuania joined the “South Coast Baltic Boating Rally” and sailed from Gdańsk via Kaliningrad to Klaipėda within one week. After this trip, two issues are clear:...[more]

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Monday, 30.06.2014

Maritime atmosphere and Jazz in Lithuania

Series of “South Coast Baltic” Fam Trips continues in Klaipeda[more]

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Monday, 30.06.2014

Partners intensify joint efforts and commit to long-term cooperation

At a project meeting in Berlin in June 2014, the MARRIAGE partners agreed to continue and intensify their cooperation. In a first step, the work plan until 31 Dec 2014 was fine-tuned and enriched with further promotion measures...[more]

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Monday, 26.05.2014

Prominent visitor at the South Coast Baltic information booth

It was none less a person than Angela Merkel who became acquainted with the “South Coast Baltic” in Berlin on 23 May 2014. Being familiar with the German Baltic Sea coast as holiday region, she was especially curious to learn...[more]

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Monday, 26.05.2014

Series of “South Coast Baltic” Fam Trips continues in Zachodniopomorskie

Group of international journalists visit marinas between Szczecin and Kołobrzeg[more]

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Tuesday, 20.05.2014

“Piknik nad Odrą” in Szczecin

Szczecin and Stralsund jointly present the “South Coast Baltic” brand[more]

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Wednesday, 09.04.2014

Third “South Coast Baltic” fair visit in Warsaw

Joint fair booth presented on the “Wiatr i Woda” in the Polish National Stadium[more]

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