Thursday, 09.05.2013

Profitable marina management

Workshop on regional training concepts held in Szczecin [more]

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Thursday, 14.02.2013

“South Coast Baltic” promotion activities

Workshop in Lauterbach specifies scope and timeframe of joint fair visits[more]

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Monday, 14.01.2013

MARRIAGE partnership enlarged

ZMiGM and Tourist Board Stralsund come aboard [more]

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Friday, 16.11.2012

"South Coast Baltic" - Where boating adventure beginns

Joint boating brand developed[more]

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Friday, 26.10.2012

MARRIAGE partners from Poland and Germany discuss small guest-only boater stops

Exchange workshop and study trip on small-scaled harbour projects in Vorpommern[more]

Category: Vorpommern, Zachodniopomorskie

Monday, 17.09.2012

MARRIAGE project leaflet available

The official English leaflet of the MARRIAGE project can be downloaded from the project homepage >here. It includes basic information about the project background and aims, the partners and what MARRIAGE provides for the two...[more]

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Monday, 17.09.2012

Joint boating brand and promotion activities take shape

2nd all-partner meeting of the MARRIAGE project[more]

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