2nd MARRIAGE Newsletter

Date: 23 October 2014

Dear MARRIAGE partners and friends,

We look back on a successful summer season 2014 during which our joint activities to promote the “South Coast Baltic” started to bear fruit. I would like to mention especially the “Boating Rally from Gdańsk via Kaliningrad to Klaipėda” in July 2014. It attracted 12 boats with more than 40 sailors from Germany, Poland and Lithuania, despite adverse circumstances. The feedback from the participants was very encouraging. Word-of-mouth recommendations of the modern marina infrastructure and the lively towns and cities to be visited along the “South Coast Baltic” appear to have reached especially the German boaters´ community. And also the attention of media is growing rapidly.

Now autumn commences the off-season. This gives us the opportunity to continue our series of workshops for marina operators and municipalities to further improve the “marina landscape” along the “South Coast Baltic”. Two seminars on efficient and profitable marina management are scheduled in Pomorskie region for Oct / Nov. Our next international workshop in Szczecin on 6 Nov 2014 tackles the question how the marina network can be further densified and improved in times of decreasing EU funding – and introduce the “MARRIAGE marina network consolidation toolbox”. We would be very glad to welcome you to these events!

In parallel, we proceed with the promotion of the “South Coast Baltic”. I am particularly pleased that the MARRIAGE partnership committed in July 2014 to intensify the campaign in view of the 2015 season – and decided to explore ways how to continue it in long term. Next highlights will be the launch of the “South Coast Baltic” boating website on 15 Nov 2014 and the visit of the “Boot & Fun 2014” fair in Berlin on 26-30 Nov 2014. Further activities (e.g. visit of “boot 2015” in Düsseldorf in Jan 2015) may be added in case our application for further support from the South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme is successful. We will keep you informed!

So I believe that we are on a good way to further encourage the momentum now started and showing that visiting the “South Coast Baltic” is a must for Baltic Sea boaters.

In this sense, please enjoy reading our newsletter!

With best wishes


Rolf Kammann

Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern

Lead Beneficiary of the MARRIAGE project



Invitation: International exchange workshop on marina infrastructure development & network densification

MARRIAGE invites interested municipalities, marina developers and marina operators to the workshop “New impulses for marina infrastructure development & network densification” that is held in Szczecin / PL on 6 Nov 2014. The event is to show and discuss possibilities for developing and extending the marina infrastructure along the “South Coast Baltic” in times of decreasing EU funding. Conference languages are Polish and English. Special attention gets the question of how to acquire private skills and capital for the development of new marina infrastructure [...more].

Coming up: Practical seminar on marina management for Pętla Żuławska marinas

The series of the popular practical seminars for marina operators continues. A further “marina testing visit” is carried out in the marina of Błotnik in Pomorkie region / PL on 30 Oct 2014. Main addresses are operators of marinas and boater stops in the Vistula Delta (Pętla Żuławska). It is held in English and Polish and open for all interested parties [...more].

Announcement: Study trip for marina operators to “test” German marinas in practice

During the series of practical seminars with “marina testing visits” in Poland and Lithuania, the German marina operators Hans & Till Jaich (company “im-jaich” that operates 9 marinas in Germany) “tested” various marinas in the South Coast Baltic and gave practical hints on optimising their service provision. Participants were impressed by the rich collection of recommendations – and naturally they became curious to visit “im-jaich” and to see how the wise advice is implemented there in practice [...more].


South Coast Baltic Boating Rally leads international group of sailors to Gdańsk, Kaliningrad and Klaipėda

In July 2014, 12 boats with 40 sailors from Germany, Poland and Lithuania joined the “South Coast Baltic Boating Rally” and sailed from Gdańsk via Kaliningrad to Klaipėda within one week. After this trip, two issues are clear: Entering Russian waters is less complicated than expected. And: Kaliningrad and its surrounding are definitely worth a visit! [...more]

Growing attention for South Coast Baltic in the media and the “boaters’ community”

The South Coast Baltic attracts more and more attention in the media and the boaters’ community. A compilation of recently published articles in the German, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian magazines & newspapers can be found in the Press review section. Many articles arose from events for journalists and boaters that the MARRIAGE partners organised as part of the “South Coast Baltic” promotion campaign [...more].

South Coast Baltic presentation at “Boot&Fun 2014” fair in Berlin in Nov 2014

From 26-30 November 2014, the “South Coast Baltic” is represented again at the “Boot&Fun 2014” boating fair in Berlin / Germany. Please feel invited to visit us in Hall 3.2.! Our “one-stop-booth” provides the opportunity to collect information on marinas and places to visit all the way from Vorpommern / Germany via Zachodniopomorskie & Pomorskie / Poland and Kaliningrad region / Russia to Klaipeda region / Lithuania. [...more]

Series of multilingual “South Coast Baltic” boating brochures completed

Besides the materials covering and promoting the “South Coast Baltic” as a whole, another important part of the marketing campaign are the new multilingual boating brochures that have been developed from the MARRIAGE partners. The complete set of these regional brochures, which has now been completed, represents the (partly overlapping) mosaic of interesting destinations like Rügen, Usedom, Stralsund, Szczecin, the Polish coastline or Klaipėda and thereby covers the whole South Coast Baltic. Besides regional promotion the brochures also highlight tour opportunities to neighbouring regions in the South Coast Baltic [...more].


Prominent visitor at the South Coast Baltic information booth

It was none less a person than Angela Merkel who became acquainted with the “South Coast Baltic” in Berlin on 23 May 2014. Being familiar with the German Baltic Sea coast as holiday region, she was especially curious to learn more about the Curonian Spit [...more].

Partners intensify joint efforts and commit to long-term cooperation

At a project meeting in Berlin in June 2014, the MARRIAGE partners agreed to continue and intensify their cooperation. In a first step, the work plan until 31 Dec 2014 was fine-tuned and enriched with further promotion measures (e.g. additional visit of the Boot&Fun 2014) and training activities (e.g. study trip for Lithuanian & Polish marina operators to Vorpommern / Germany) to further enhance the project impacts [...more].

MARRIAGE project invited to Baltic Ports Conference on Bornholm

The Baltic Port Organisation (BPO) invited the MARRIAGE project to present its approach and activities at the “Seminar on tourism / leisure and fishery ports” of the annual “Baltic Ports Conference” on Bornholm on 3 Sept 2014. The project concept and outcomes attracted wide interest and compliments from the seminar participants, the most of which were representative of port authorities and seaside municipalities [...more].


  • 30 Oct 2014: Practical seminar on efficient marina management in Błotnik / PL
  • 06 Nov 2014: International workshop “New impulses for marina infrastructure development & network densification” in Szczecin / PL
  • 13 Nov 2014: Workshop on marina marketing in Błotnik / PL
  • Nov 2014: Study trip for Polish and Lithuanian marina operators to Germany (date tbd)
  • 26-30 Nov 2014: SOUTH COAST BALTIC at “Boot&Fun 2014” in Berlin / DE
  • 17-25 Jan 2015: SOUTH COAST BALTIC at “boot 2015” in Düsseldorf (tbc)
  • 17 Jan 2015: Presentation of MARRIAGE at the “Marina Symposium” of the German Association of Leisure Ports at “Boot 2015” in Düsseldorf / DE