Target groups

Target groups that benefit from the MARRIAGE activities are:

  • Marinas (operators, managers and operational staff) are directly addressed by trainings and pilot marketing measure. They help them to enhance their skills and enable more profitable operations with better customer satisfaction. Indirect benefits are the marketing of cross-border area that also promotes individual marinas. Network consolidation and better quality of neighbouring marinas enhance attractiveness of all marinas.
  • Marina owners and developers (political decision makers at local level) are supplied with new approaches that can help to overcome current obstacles for marina development and network consolidation.
  • Water tourism multipliers (journalists and agencies) are familiarised with the southern Baltic rim by guided tours. Induced articles help to popularise the southern Baltic rim and its parts as boating destinations to foreigners.
  • Boaters (end users of marinas and boating areas), resident boaters as well as frequent visitors gain better information on cross-border tour opportunities and destinations. This makes boating in the area more interesting for them. Targeted promotion of southern Baltic rim and its parts give potential newcomers (e.g. tour boaters with charter / own boats, all-season boaters living in / outside the region) new reasons for visits or renting a permanent berth. Besides, boaters benefit indirectly from better marina quality and closed network gaps.